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En sjov lille ting jeg var ude for...

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Faris J dude are you a juggalo
J Faris Yeah Smile
Faris J sweet
Faris J what's your favourate ICP track
J Faris Hmm.... must be The Shaggy show.
Faris J ?
J Faris The Shaggys show on Jeckel brothers
Faris J do you like to fight
J Faris hmmm...nah....
J Faris well if i have to
Faris J i see
J Faris why do you ask? Smile
Faris J i quite like ICP music
Faris J but not that much
J Faris hehe....well i only paint my face to blend in Smile but the fans are cool..... but a little too hardcoree some times...
Faris J what do you mean by hardcore
J Faris living out what ICP dictates... :/
Faris J which is... starting fights with everyone?
J Faris Actually ICP dictates respsecting others... but it's hard to make out from what they singing.... but yeah starting fights....doing insanely stupid thing
J Faris 's
Faris J i see

Overraskede mig lidt han hørte ICP men, det er virkelig underligt egentligt at J og Shaggy vil have at deres fans respekterer andre og alt det der og så rapper de om at hugge hovedet af folk...kan godt forstå at folk måske er lidt forvirret...

Jeg var så grimt et barn at når jeg legede i sandkassen prøvede katten at grave mig ned.

"Always remember you're unique, just like everyone else.."

"Democracy is when 3 Wolves and 1 Sheep votes on what to eat for dinner.."

"The universal aptitude for ineptitude makes any human accomplishment an incredible miracle."
Vis brugerens profil http://hallowicked.dk

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