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1song Empty song on 18.06.08 22:43

i know it's kinda cliché to start these kind of topics but.. i don't give a fuck! lol

so my question is:
which Blaze song (or songs) is your favourite?

much love

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2song Empty Re: song on 18.06.08 22:48


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3song Empty Re: song on 19.06.08 1:29


not again! Very Happy

Jeg var så grimt et barn at når jeg legede i sandkassen prøvede katten at grave mig ned.

"Always remember you're unique, just like everyone else.."

"Democracy is when 3 Wolves and 1 Sheep votes on what to eat for dinner.."

"The universal aptitude for ineptitude makes any human accomplishment an incredible miracle."
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4song Empty Re: song on 19.06.08 18:27

Jeg synes sgu den her slags tråde er fede, så lære jeg lidt om jer andre!

Men der er mange fede, så her er en top 5:

1. Juggalo Anthem
2. Mamma I Aint Changed
3. I Go To Work
4. Casket
5. Grave Aint No Place

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5song Empty Re: song on 19.06.08 18:34

Juggalo Anthem and Blaze Up are my favs

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6song Empty Re: song on 25.07.08 7:07

"Bitch shut up" fra psychopathics from outer space 2 tror aldrig jeg Bliver træt af det track..

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